Dear Fest Friends, It is with great sadness that we announce the decision to cancel Harbor Fest for another year. The past year has been incredibly trying for our beloved small businesses, and at this time their primary focus is to provide their customers with the best experience in service and food. As you can imagine, the food tasting event involves an incredible amount of extra time, staff and effort; all of which they are still catching up on. ​ We encourage you to keep your plans, visit our beautiful region, and patronize these wonderful businesses who have given us so much over the past 8 years of Harbor Fest. For those who purchased tickets in 2020 and planned to use them this year, please reply to this email for a full refund. ​ We thank you for your understanding, and wish you a wonderful summer season. Awesome Events that ARE STILL HAPPENING! WINDJAMMER DAYS: June 25th-July 3rd OLDE VILLAGE DAYS: July 3rd FALL FOLIAGE FESTIVAL: October 9th & 10th 5k & Half Marathon VIRTUAL RACE From August 23rd – September 5th, we invite you to take part in completing your race by running a route across Boothbay Harbor to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit! Enjoy the scenic harbor, waterfront parks and nature trails. All registered participants of the virtual event will receive a t-shirt and all participants of the half marathon will also receive an exclusive finisher’s medal. Online registration for the Harbor Fest Virtual Races will open on Monday, June 14th. Visit or to register. To benefit YMCA Chronic Disease Prevention & Management Programs

Be well, Lori Reynolds Boothbay Harbor Fest

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Dear Friends,

As the days roll into weeks and we all go about our new normal (or as we call it, Corona Management), we wanted to check in with a little Boothbay LOVE.

First and foremost, to all who have suffered illness or loss, please know that our thoughts, love and prayers are with you. There are no words that can ease such enormous pain, but where there is love there is hope, and with hope we will prevail. Even for those who have been fortunate to remain healthy, this is no easy ride. We are suffering from financial loss, missing our loved ones tremendously, and our closets can only get so organized. But if Corona has reminded us of one positive thing, it's that WE ARE SURVIVORS! We are adjusting our lives as needed, for the better good and a brighter future. We are literally being forced to slow down, relax, create new ways to be productive, exercise more, be more resourceful, think more about waste. And most importantly, think more about one another. Helping one another can seem impossible when we are forced to stay at home and our finances are strained far beyond their limit. But there are ways we can help our local businesses that we all love so much. Our peninsula would be nothing without them, nor would Boothbay Harbor Fest. At a time when almost everything in our lives has changed, we can find peace in the beauty around us that remains constant. Winter has turned to spring, trees are budding, flowers are popping, and temps are rising. And celebrations and traditions, (although currently altered), are still happening everyday. Tomorrow is Easter (Happy Easter!), Mother's Day is just around the corner, loved ones are celebrating birthdays, babies are being born, students are graduating... Think of the impact we could make if we all purchased just one gift certificate from a local business. Let's give our loved ones a gift of hope for the future, and spread a little Boothbay LOVE! For the past nine years dozens of local businesses have come together each September to give locals and visitors a fun filled festival in the midst of their busiest season. Each year they go above and beyond for their community, their customers, their guests. Let's use this time to show them how much we appreciate them! Here's how we can spread some Boothbay LOVE:

1. The links below will bring you to the Harbor Fest family of businesses, by category. 2. Choose your business of choice and click on their name to contact them directly. 3. Purchase your gift certificate! 4. Give the gift of Boothbay LOVE!

5. Congratulate yourself because you have just paid it forward! Harbor Fest Restaurants

Harbor Fest Shops

Harbor Fest Lodging Partners

Harbor Fest Service Businesses

Until we meet again... Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Smile as often as possible.

The Boothbay Harbor Fest Team for Boothbay Harbor Fest, we are still planning ahead with hope and faith. Our Fest fans will be the first to know if anything changes.

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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

As we all do our best to navigate through this unimaginable crisis, the only thing for certain is that we are all in it together.  And if we ride it out together, we will conquer it together.

Until that glorious day arrives, we are sending love, peace and positive vibes your way. For now, please Stay Safe and Stay Home! The bright side is that it's March and not July! And if we can tough it out now, our chances for a fun filled, healthy summer are far greater!

We can spend our isolation enjoying things we can't always find time to do in our busy lives! Take a bubble bath, write a letter to an old friend, spring clean, find a quiet place to take a walk, listen to the sounds of Mother Nature, count our blessings. And we can continue to plan for the future as we remain thoughtful of the present.   We must remain confident that normalcy will return soon, which includes plans for the 9th Annual Boothbay Harbor Fest We began planning long before COVID-19 came along and we're not stopping now! We will move forward with hope and faith for brighter days ahead, and with patience to take it one day at a time.

And we will work extra hard to find reasons to smile, even when we don't feel like it.

We've included a stockpile of happy memories for those moments when a smile boost might be helpful.

Nine years of building lifelong friendships at Boothbay Harbor Fest.

Until we meet again.....

Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Smile as often as possible!

The Harbor Fest Team are on sale and full refunds will be granted if the festival is cancelled.

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